Shellfish Cotton Tea Cozy

Shellfish Cotton Tea Cozy


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  • Outer/Inner Shell: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester wadding
  • A little larger size tea cozy, outside measuring 13"W x 10"L (33cm x 25cm) x 1"H
  • Brand: Ulster Weavers
  • More Shellfish Collection

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Glistening lobsters and crabs, shimmering mussels and clams hide amongst swirls of seaweed in this watercolour painted design. The artwork has been created as a contemporary mirror image, a kaleidoscope of pattern for modern kitchens and seafood lovers. While the imposing claws of the lobsters and crabs are the focal point of this design, the seaweed tendril reverse pattern with its little hidden clams adds delicacy. The aquatic teal green trims makes the vibrant orange shellfish and iridescent blue mussels really pop with colour.