Tea Sets for Girls

Children's Tea Sets - Miniature and Small Tea Sets in Fine Porcelain China

Children's Tea Party

Having an afternoon tea party with someone special? Holding a children tea party is a fun way to play for children of all ages. These miniature fine porcelain tea sets will surely fulfill every child dream! Most of them come in fun patterns and are presented in a nice gift box for easy storage. Why not take the opportunity to introduce children to the traditional English style customs of tea drinking and serving. They are sure to have plenty of fun and will create many cherished memories. These children's tea sets are sure to be treasured gifts for years.

Tea sets for girls are available ranging from miniature play sets to small useable sizes.

Children's Tea Party

Children's Tea Party

Tea Sets for Girls - For Little Kids

Tea Sets for Girls - For Big Children or Young Ladies

Spring Bird Tea Set - Young Lady Girl


Spring Bird Tea Set - Young Lady Girl

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Childrens Tea Set - Plain Porcelain


Children's Tea Set - Plain Porcelain

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Small Cup & Saucer Sets

Small Teapots

Pink Rose Teapot - Young Ladies


Pink Rose Teapot - Young Ladies

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Small-Sized Cream and Sugar Sets